I finally received my "DVD" bricked wii back this morning. Turns out It was barely in Sydney and spent much of it time at a techs 10 minutes from my house. NO ATTEMPT TO REPLACE MOTHERBOARD. After many condescending emails and abrupt, abusive phone calls I had nearly given up. Then my wii arrived in the mail with a sender address. The melbourne Guy who had attempted to fix my console was able to be located in 5 minutes and not 48 hours (without success!) like beetronix had said in emailsHE KNEW NOTHING OF THE MOTHER BOARD I HAD BEEN QUOTED. HAD THE CONSOLE FOR MOST OF THE TIME. .He was very helpful though and friendly .When I rang beetronix about this I was told I was lucky I wasn't charged a repair bill! Not bad after I had paid $25 to send it 1000km only to have it sent back unrepaired from 5 km away if you want proof I will happily provide copies of my emails with them. DONT SEND THEM YOU CONSOLE.