I have finally got aroud to some wii modding, and so far so good, I've got WADs to work perfectly, Wii backups to launch without flaw, and all emulators and even Rock Band hacks working great.

However I have recently installed GC Backup Launcher .2 as well as installed the Mios patcher and patched accordingly. I also used Multigame Iso Creator 3.5.4.F+ to create an iso file composed of 3 files, PSO, and Pokemon XD, which are both iso files, and Zelda 4 Swords which is a gcm file. After burning the created iso file to a DVD-R with Img Burn, I put the disc into the Wii and start up GC Backup Launcher which I have in the channel area via a Wad file. It starts up all fine and dandy, but the only of the three games that starts up is Zelda, now I'm about 100% sure that they are all good dumps and should work fine, but I'm still baffled as to why only Zelda works. Any suggestions? If it helps I am on 4.2U.

On a very tiny side note, this webpage moves super slow for me for some reason, and I have a blazing fast connection, any way to fix that?(If off topic then don't worry about it)