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Thread: How To Install Neogamma

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    Question How To Install Neogamma

    To all the great gods out there,
    I am facing some problem installing this neogamma into my wii that I just got.
    Simple question is that I downloaded the neogamma 7.wad into my sd card. Then I plug it into wii, tried to look for the file in the machine but not able to locate, am I doing it wrong.

    Please treat me as a dummy, and explain the steps to me fully please; ie
    1. slot-in the sd card containing neogamma 7 in,
    2. .....
    3. .......etc
    thank you

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    Put neogamma7.wad in a folder called wad.



    That should work. Sorry I don't really want to make a step by step procedure for something so simple.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    do i create the file call wad or there is program that I use to format the sd card?

    Another question is that can I move the file into the wii instead of using the sd card all the time?

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    u create a wad FOLDER, not FILE !
    format FAT/FAT32 ur SD card with WinXP

    after the successful installation of wad file, u don't need to keep the sd card in wii all time.

    if u want to learn more detail abt the installation, pls go search WAD MANAGER and read it carefully.

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    ohhh thank you all great gods, will try it out tonight, this is the first time using/ doing this.

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    Dear Gods,
    tried your advise by creating a folder named wad, and filed the neogamma file into it. Put into the slot, turned on wii, went into the data management, etc but that file didnot appear. What did I do wrong and how to ractified it?
    Thank you

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    do you have homebrew installed cause i bet you dont i suggest you read a lil more here you go

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    You need to use bannerbomb to run hackmii installer to install homebrew channel first, then use homebrew channel to load wad manager, then use that to install the neogamma7.wad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 92integra View Post
    do you have homebrew installed cause i bet you dont i suggest you read a lil more here you go
    hi i have read this guide in ths link i also whant to install neogamma 7.

    i have pal wii with Wiikey 1 and updated to 4.2 serial no leh109
    is it safe to followthis guide

    any help will be appreciated thanx
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    Honestly, it will not load unless NeoGamma 8 is a wad...most likely your like me and downloaded the file that does not have a wad in it...I'm still reading looking for the answer...

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