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Thread: really noob questions...please show pity and help:-)

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    Us really noob questions...please show pity and help:-)

    Here's where I'm at: I just installed softmod using "Any 3.1-4.1 Guide", Everything is working but here are some questions that I have spent a few days trying to find answers to and even the noob guides are too complicated for a noob like me.

    1. What do I do with my SD card now, do I need to leave it in, delete the stuff on it, does it matter?

    2. I have preloader 0.29 so will I have any problems downloading and playing PAL games on a NTSC wii?

    3. Can you backup games using usb loader gx, if so how? and are those games burnable once you get them on your harddrive?

    4. Can you play originals on my modded wii? (I heard they can update without asking permission first)

    5. What are "wiiware games" and how do you install and play them?

    6. How can I play SNES roms on the wii?

    7. what are some good WAD's you would recommend to a noob that aren't included in the guide and how do you install them?

    Thanks for any help you can give, I have honestly tried to find answers and have spent hours reading through posts, I'm hoping there is a kind soul out there who remembers what it was like to not know what your doing :-)

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    1 - you can take it out/delete stuff off it if you like, it is no longer needed.
    2 - if you have enabled the region free hacks then no, you won't have any problems.
    3 - yes but only for use with the usb loader.
    4 - yes, preloader has a hack to block disc updates.
    5 - wiiware games are games that you can buy/download from the shop channel or you can download pirate versions from torrents etc and install with wad manager.
    6 - with a snes emulator.
    7 - all wads are installed with wad manager - have a look through my mediafire for some good ones

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    Just don't delete the hacks.ini file in the root of your folder. And do everything Dogegg's has suggested.

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    Thank you so much for the info dogeggs, from what I have been reading you are a busy guy and seem to help everyone. Thanks for taking the and my continued to stay unbricked wii appreciate it:-)


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