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Thread: can't load games HELP!!!!

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    can't load games HELP!!!!

    Hi, I am new to the hacking scene so take it easy on me, i used the twighlight hack with wiigator's backup launcher 3 and it worked for some games but there are many games that still dont work. I have read other posts and cannot seem to find an answer. I've tried different Launchers like gecko and gamma, Installed all different kinds of cios and ios (which I still dont understand), and recently i used firmware updater 4.0 by wanikoko. When i try to load the games i get a no dvd error on the backup launcher. any help would be appreciated.

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    Oh, I forgot to mention I have an ntsc wii

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    yeah whats wrong is that you used an out dated guide. Search for dogeggs 3.1-4.1 any wii softmodding tutorial. Get homebrew, bootmii, and a backup of your nand in case you brick your wii. All the steps you need to follow in the guide has a video so that you wont get lost. Read it over 2-3 times so that you fully understand what to do. Install everything you need and the required ios's to play the new games. You probably wanna use a different backup launcher instead. Neogamma r7
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    god waste of post, im sorry i forgot to mention i uninstalled all my homebrew and reinstalled it all and forgot to reinstall dvdx i feel like a f***ing idiot just reinstalled it and im running fine


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