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Thread: softmod and hardmod

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    softmod and hardmod

    Hello, I currently have a wii with 3.2 system menu as well as the drivekey hardmod installed,
    I tried to play some burnt games and got a system error message, the nfo for the games says I need cIOS #XXX. Seen the tutorial how to install them, but not 100% on if those comments were ment for people with hardmods or just softmods.
    I know you can run them together but is this the right way to go, should I just go through the softmod tutorial and set it all up or am I doing more than I need to?
    My only plan is to play the burnt games, not run other home brew as of yet.

    PS I also see a lot of talk of external hard drives, If I set one up can I run games from the harddrive with "no cd" or is it just the downloaded games from the shop channel and other content.

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    i had to add cIOS to my wii to play a few games , so what i would recommend is to read this 3 times....

    then proceed step for step but since your 3.2 i would "personally" stay there. But it is your call.
    i have Cios38 r14, and the ios 38,53,55, and 56 all loaded and my wasabi zero is unstopable...
    *had to install 56 for gh5*

    then the games will be downloaded but not from shop channel...

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    Just got it all figured out, updated and hbc running. A lot going on in the install but if you follow the video's you can't go wrong. Thanks


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