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Thread: LU65 3.4U preloader/HBC/cios mess

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    LU65 3.4U preloader/HBC/cios mess

    I have an LU658x wii running 3.4u. I didn't notice the serial number until after I started softmodding. I (think I) got preloader installed since I can boot to it by holding reset. I updated HBC so that required a JODI wad thing to get preloader to boot HBC again. HBC is also upside down still, despite my efforts to correct it. Twice now I have gotten a system files corrupted message and fixed it with a 3.4u wad install. Now I have two HBC's and I can install wads, however I'm not sure which selection I should make installing cios38 rev14, that is, if it will work at all. I'm lost, confused and torn between multiple guides. I got a backup launcher installed, but no surprise it doesn't work since I never saw success confirmation from the cios installer. Help please!

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    there is only one guide you need to follow, and that is the one linked in my sig

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    Awesome stuff man, thanks! Just one question, do I need to reinstall preloader? Isn't it already installed if I can get to it holding reset on powerup? Oops, I can't get to it anymore. I guess I should have tried before I posted. Ok everything went well. If I can't boot iCarly or Shimano Extreme Fishing, does that mean I need a new cios? Or is there a setting I need to adjust? Thanks so much! You rock!

    Edit: Nevermind, it was a drive issue. Pioneer 112 works, newer sony nec optiarc does not (maybe needs bitsetting fw)
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    Did you get Icarly to work?I have it on my external harddrive but I cannot get it to work..Any help would be greatly appreciated....


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