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Thread: Wasabi Dx only plays originals

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    Wasabi Dx only plays originals

    Quick question on a new wasabi dx install. I hooked it up and no power light will come on. Checked connection a million times and no change. When I put an original in, the red/green lights come on, but as soon as I put a copy in the lights go out. I am using good media that I have used on my other wii with a wasabi zero, so I know it should work. It doesn't recognize the 1.2 firmware disc I burned, I tried the eject button thing to get to the menu and no luck there. It's a 3.1u wii ntsc system and just trying ntsc back up games that work on another system.

    Any thoughts on what I'm missing?
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    If it is playing the originals then the cable is install correctly. Just a thought but are the jumpers set to your region correctly?
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    I checked again and now it still plays originals but no lights on the dx itself. The jumper is set for US. The eject button 3 times doesn't do anything. Is it the chip?


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