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Thread: hi noob,

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    hi noob,

    hi i bought my wii the other day and i got my homebrew channel installed , i have burnt a backup of my game which wont load with the gecko that i have installed it keeps coming up no dvd found, the discs that i am using are dvd-r verbatim. could some1 please advise me how to burn my backups from iso and how to play on gecko.

    thanks a million


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    To play backups you need a moddchip or a softmodded system.

    For softmoddes follow one of these depending on your system menu.

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    What you should do is download imgburn and burn your iso at 2X or 4X. Make sure you use good media(dvds) and its dvd-r. Also you might wanna use a different backup launcher, neogamma r7
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    neo gamma

    hi could you tell me how to get neo gamma onto my system? what folder to put it in? i had it but for some reason it never worked.

    thanks a million


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