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Thread: The disc could not be read. Please refer.....

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    Exclamation The disc could not be read. Please refer.....


    I'm new on this forum and i became a member because I have a problem with my back up discs.

    Most of the games work on my softmodded WII, but now I've got two games with problems.

    After I open the game by Neogamma the error "The disc could not be read. Please refer to the WII operations manual for details."

    Some technical info:
    Neogamma R6
    IOS249 (rev14)

    Hook Type: None
    Ocarina On: no
    ANti 002 fix: yes
    Altern .dol: no
    Save config: no

    Is someone familiar with this problem. Dirt 2 and M&S on the wintergames are the two games with problems. Other back up games work perfectly.

    Hopefully someone could help me.

    Thanks in advance

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    might be bad burns...or missing ios

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    Ca upgrading Neogamma

    Maybe try upgrading neogamma from r6 to r7 I'm Running Neogamma R7 and I have both games and I'm running no Problem Hope this can be of an help.

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    I've tried to update my Neogamma.

    Can you please tell me step by step how you've done it.



    I use verbatim DVD-r and all previous recorded games are working perfectly

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    first of all look for the wad neogamma r7 should be on here remove your old one neogamma r6 and load r7 with wadmanager.I'm nott he best at this whole mod thing but thats how I did mine..don't go to neogamma r8 has it's just a beta file and just being tested...

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    I found the r7 neogamma download on this site. The rar file contains :

    Where do I find the wad file?

    I found the wad file. Where do I have to place it and how can I install it?
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    use homebrew browser and use wad manager and install the wad

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    Thanks for the info, r7 is working now but I've got the same problem.

    I dont have 002fix any more on r7, are there some things I have to change?

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    With NeoGammaR7, the 002 fix is automatic - no menu setting-already taken care of for you.

    A frozen black screen usually means a needed IOS is not installed. If you are seeing the msg cannot read disc-that probably is just a bad copy or bad burn.

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    With all my other games it's working; burn with Imgburn on a Verbatim dvd-r.

    There are only 2 copies that doesn't work, also when I try to burn it on a new disc the same problem occures.

    So in fact there is no solution for this.

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