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Thread: where do i get wii games for download

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    where do i get wii games for download

    so how do i download wii games for back use only and how do i make them work i think i have all software loaded right in my wii i homebrew but the games i burn just dont read right wanted to know why not and how do i over come this so what is the best site to get wii games from

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    make sure you have followed the sofmod guide properly (linked in my sig)

    what do you mean by games wont work? what do they do? do you get any error message?

    you can grab backups from:

    :: WiiSOS :: Tu portal de descargas e información Wii
    Wii ISO ? Nintendo Wii iSO Torrents ?
    tehPARADOX.COM Online Sharing Community

    or any other decent torrent tracker.


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