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Thread: Can't play burnt games

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    Can't play burnt games

    Hi all,

    I hope someone can help me.

    I have a PAL 4.1E Wii and am having trouble playing burnt games. I've installed The Homebrew Channel but there isn't a Backup Launcher Channel or anything like that on there so am not able to play a copied game. Can anyone help me with whatelse I may need to install/download?

    I've spent days looking through posts but still have no joy.

    Please help wiihacks, you're my only hope...

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    read around, follow a guide, dont be bored.....

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    Thanks for that peice of masterful wisdom... Because I've not been trying that for the last 2 days!!!

    Anyone else have any idea???

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    This is the tutorial I have Homebrew and use neogamma 7 I wish I could give you the exact steps but I am a noob as well. Hopefully if you see this tutorial you can eliminate the steps you already did. Good luck.

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    Thanks emhachem, I'll give it a go

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    was that so hard to find?

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    lol thats just being lazy lol i was reading in the forum for a week b4 i did mine and i never asked anyone ...and i did mine just fine lol... and i'm about to my buddys too.

    A little tip if you have to ask then you haven't looked hard enough ... sorry i dont mean to sound like a jerk but ppl don't like to answer the same questions over and over again.
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    you also have to make sure your Wii doesn't use the D3-2 drivechip, it WILL NOT read or play burnt games. This next bit taken from one of Messies guide [hope he doesn't mind]

    "There is a new DVD drive chipset that is starting to emerge that will not play DVDR, if your Wii came with sys menu 4.0 on it then it could be one, the chipset is known as a D3-2 and the only way of telling if you have one is to open her up, but as this will invalidate your warranty you are better off trying to load DVDRs and if you just keep getting errors then it is a good indication that you have one. The USB loader will still work though so just follow the guide as normal."

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    Thank you to the people who have helped. To the ones that haven't... Well I guess I've got more important things to be doing than sitting here all week reading through everything trying to sort it. But then I guess when your Mum is cooking for you and wipping your backside you can be lazy. Can I ask 92integra and messie, you American??? I can only assume so...

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    So did it work? Did you get figured out what you were missing?
    BTW sour and I are both live in the U.S.

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