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    system menu 0

    Hope Somone can help i've done a search and could'nt find any info so sorry if this has been covered before.

    I accidently left my sd card in the wii with all the software on and went to work during this time the kids have had a little play around and only preloader loads, I cant enter the homebrew chan it says not installed and the system menu gives me a uid error(could be wrong at work atm) when i try to load that.
    the preloader screen shows

    iso: 50
    system menu 0

    It was on 4.1e originaly is it bricked forever or can somone save me.

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    Sounds like your kids have somehow up/down dated you to 3.4, I wouldn't have thought that possible using normal means. IOS50 is the system menu IOS which is used by 3.4, a system using 4.1 would show IOS60 here.

    So somehow your system is pointing to IOS50 but has no System Menu v386 to go along with it.

    You need to install IOS60patched and then System Menu v450.wad using preloader to launch wad manager, that 'should' fix your problem. I have these files in my mediafire if you'd like to click my signature.
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    Thanks i'll give it try.
    somehow the pads have unpaired things go from bad to worse

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    got myself a game cube pad to navigate the menu when i try to load wad manager i get a screen full of code can you think of anything else.

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    Tried a lot of things now no joy, is there a mod chip i can purchase to sort this out or a way of wiping the hdd so preloader does'nt start and i can send it back to nintendo for repair.

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    Try another wad manager, this one support gc controller. Not sure what your using now. Just extract the boot.dol to the root of your sd-card
    wadmanager 1.5 mod1
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