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Thread: Homebrew loads but I can't see any of my programs

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    Homebrew loads but I can't see any of my programs


    Yesterday I was surfing on the homebrew browser and I update this on the last version and I installed some new progs from there. I had Wii 4.1E and homebrew channel works great. But after this When the Wii restarts after the homebrew browser when the homebrew channel oppens the loading SD sign dissapears at once and I can't see any of my progs like ( backup launcher, Neogamma, and many others) but I only see bubbles in the home screen of the channel. I tried to update the version to 4.2E and then install the homebrew again but with no success. In the first time I had an 2Gb Sd card but after the 4.2E I tried with 4Gb HCSD all formatted at Fat32.

    Can anyone help me with this?


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    what is the folder list look like on your sd card?

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    I just notice that the folder apps was renamed as apps_games and that's why I couldn't find any program. But now after updating in 4.2 and install the homebrew again when I press the backup launcher to play a game the screen bekame black and freezes.
    Do you have any idea what can I do?

    Thanks again!!

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    Check your IOS. Each game requires an individual IOS, if it's missing then it will show a black screen when run off HDD.

    Check this thread

    Install any required IOS through wad manager.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Thanks for the post.
    However the same black screen appears when I press wadmanager.
    I have tried several versions of wad managers.
    I have 4.2 wii with homebrew channel installed and is not playing some of the programs like wadmanager, backupluncher and some others. is still plays homebrew browser and some sd manager and some others.
    If can someone help me.

    Thanks again


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