HI Guys,

Just wondering if someone can help me with this bricked wii which i received from a friend he dosnt know how it happened because he got it from ebay.

When i first turned it on it would show a blank screen with green power light.
i used savemii which displayed 3.1E i then inserted a wii music disc which upgraded it to 3.3E.

But when i removed the savemii and performed a reboot it still stayed the same blank screen.

i also used nintendo offical wii backup disk v1.31 which i burnt on a dvd-r when inserted with savemii it starts to read but still displays 3.3E screen wont change i made another copy just in case that one didnt work but still no go.

has anyone got any idears on what i should try next.
also the console has a wiikey modchip installed.

i was going to try universal unbricker v2 but cant find it anywhere to download.

Any help please.....