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Thread: Amazon wii serial numbers

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    Amazon wii serial numbers

    k well I work at an amazon fullfilment center in kentucky and we've been shipping out lately a bunch of low serial numbered wii's. Today I've seen some LU39's. Usually we ship out of there LU63's and up. I'm pretty sure the LU39's weren't refurbished but one was damaged. I've seen that Wii's Lu65+ have problems with homebrew or something so I thought I'd share this with you all.

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    Make sure you put sticky notes on all the LU39 boxes that says - "This Wii is HomeBrew Friendly".

    Are you trying to get ppl to buy Wii's from amazon?

    EDIT - is this post in the right section?
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    i could care less i hate that fricken place and it makes me work more. just just wanted ppl to know where you might be able to get a low serial number wii. its not a definate thing anyways. it just depends on which vendor you get it from on there. i thought this would be the right place to post i'm a member and its my news

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    News usually needs to be news worthy and this is borderline.


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