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Thread: Replacement Ribbon Cable Needed!!!

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    Replacement Ribbon Cable Needed!!!

    Hey everyone!

    I fucked up the ribbon cable that came with the DriveKey. Does anyone know where I can get one? If so please help me out! Thanks!

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    See if you can buy one from your supplier and I found this but I don't think it's the same as what your looking for.

    Wii DVD Drive Ribbon Cable - $7.00 :, Australian Supplier of WiiKey, Drivekey, M3, R4DS and CycloDS

    EDIT: After a quick read this should apparently work.

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    if u've an retired VCR or DVD player, open the case and see if a "compatible" ribbon be found.
    good luck!

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    Thanks guys. I went with It was exactly what i was looking for sucks I have to pay that international post for something that weighs like a feather.

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    most likely whoever you got the drivekey from has extra ribbons stocked just for this reason... cost me 5.00 to get a 2nd one..

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    Don't know where you are but i'm in Canada and i've got lots of ribbons. $5 + letter postage.


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