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Thread: NAND backup using bootmii as IOS

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    NAND backup using bootmii as IOS

    Hi all,

    I've read in lots of threads that making a NAND backup with bootmii installed as an IOS is kind of useless. Why is that?

    I have preloader 0.30 installed and bootmii as an IOS. If I do a NAND backup, shouldn't I be able to recover it if I run bootmii through preloader, in case a brick happens?

    system menu 4.2u (wii NTSC-J changed to NTSC-U) - preloader 0.30 r4 - HBC 1.0.6 - bootmii as IOS
    cIOS 38rev14 - cIOS 222/223 - USB Loader GX - NeoGamma r7

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    Its useless because it doesn't make a complete NAND backup since your IOS are in use, so it cannot recover you from a full brick.

    Preloader and Bootmii as an IOS provide the same amount as brick protection but Preloader is more reliable.


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