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Thread: Wii 4.2 Neogamma Problem

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    Wii 4.2 Neogamma Problem

    So I've installed the HB channel and would like to start playing some backup games. When I start neogamma in the homebrew channel it asks to load then just freezes. How can I fix this.

    Thanks guys!

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    Cool thanks ShadowSonic2, I tried the first link and got it to load...

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    theres another guide if you have probs, i had a few one being loading games from the sd card in the wii sd menu and also on the home screen

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    neogemma wii4.2

    sorry im so lost. i have did everything what people are saying on here. i have homebrew then i got wad manager. so i dont know what to do next to get neogamma backup loader. like im just a joe soap, not really knowing how things work, now i installed bootmii 2 . look if anyone can tell me in simple form how to get the backup loader or tutorail i can watch. sorry if im wrecking head, im so installing from a sd card thanks

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