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Thread: NocIOS and Trucha

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    NocIOS and Trucha

    So I was skipping along to a softmod using this guide and used NocIOS to downgrade and then installed IOS35. However after reading the *wonderful* guides on this site (namely the softmod any 3.1-4.1 guide) and they all use Trucha. My question is am I going to run into any problems if A. I just redo that step, downgrade again and install IOS36 or B. if IOS35 will work fine and I don't need to bother using Trucha. I have installed the HBC, Bootmii, and the latest version of USB loader GX without incident thus far. Formatted the hard drive and have backed up a game as well.

    So for the TL;DR version, should I just repeat the steps in the 3.1-4.1 guide and use Trucha or will NocIOS take care of things for me? Thanks in advance
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