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Thread: Greetings Gentlemen

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    Greetings Gentlemen

    Hi i am chaz. I am a semi noob who usually lurks around boards like this and learn as i go along. I research a stupid amount before i do anything. I have looked at these boards and there seems to be a good amount of nice, competent users in this board.

    I have done a decent amount of psp hacking but now i am looking to dive into the wii. The wii looks like a pretty versatile little machine and i can't wait to get it done. I am currently on 3.2(downgraded from 3.4) but have been having trouble getting starfall(b+2) stuff to work. I think this is an old method though so i still have more research to do.

    Well anyway, i have more research to do, time to hit the tutorial section.

    Nice to meet you all and thanks in advance to anyone who provides help later on.

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    Hello Chaz and welcome to the wiihacks community.

    I know you are anxious to get started; but, there are a few items to cover before you post your questions or start doing anything to your Wii.

    Make sure you read the rules of this site. There are a number of tutorials and guides available to assist you. Many of our new members find the tutorials for softmodding any 3.1-4.1 Wii particularly useful. Make sure to either look through the site tutorials and guides or use the search function before asking questions. While the moderators, staff, and members of this community are willing to help you, some effort on your part to read, research, and follow the rules is expected. To get the best response to your question(s), post in the associated forum areas. This is very important as inappropriate posting could get you restricted to the reading room or even banned. If, after looking at the tutorials and trying to search, you still need help or just want to post a very basic type of question, go to the

    Wiihacks also has a chat room on irc://irc.uicn/wiihacks. After reading the iRC rules, please feel free to join in the light-hearted chats and activities. While any iRC client can connect to #wiihacks on the UICN, ChatZilla, for those with Mozilla’s Firefox browser, is easy to install and use.

    If this site and our members have provided substantive help, you can Donate to the forum and get a nice banner under your name and gain access to the donator forums.

    It does look like you are looking at older material; follow the 3.1-4.1 softmod tutorial I linked for you. Given your penchant for research, you might also like to read through this guide before starting your softmod: Enjoy your stay with us.


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