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Thread: emulator wads

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    emulator wads

    So I am here because I am a tard who fails at forum searching as I am sure this is on the site already and would like to be redirected to the appropriate tutorial threads (for mega ultra dummies edition). What I would like to know is what are the best emulators for the wii (would like one for these major systems; SNES SEGA, GB/GBA AND N64), and once I install these WADS (not homebrews), where does one save the roms at? I assume they will be left on an SD card but I have to ensure that the emulator is finding the appropriate directory and all.
    AND AND AND *sighs*. I'm frustrated. I had the most fine modding the PSP but the Wii was nothing but frustration and confusion and until yesterday when I rediscovered this site I hadn't made any progress. So yeah, I want to wrap this up by being sure I can at the very least get those 64 roms for play because I miss those games a lot.

    Edit: I just realized I've been trying to mod the Wii since June of 2009. How embarrassing.
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