I have been looking around for a fix to this problem but can't seem to find anything that will fix this problem.

running 4.2E , Homebrew and everything is running fine no issues.

the only problem is when we play Animal Crossing:Let's Go To The City the Wii Speak will not work for some reason.No blue light. No matter what I have tried. Connecting it.. re connecting it. tried both USB ports.The USB ports work fine with other devices. We have been told by a friend that sometimes they see out speak redgister but it is only for a second and then it goes off. i'm unable to see this on our end.

It works fine when you run it on the Wii Speak Channal and it passes all the sound tests etc. We are able to talk to people via the channel and record and send messages, but when we are playing Animal Crossing it will not work.

I have installed the cIOS38 via the wad manager with no luck.
I have also tried looking at some of the other fixes for other Wii Speak games eg: The Conduit to see if anything in there might work for this issue all with no luck.

The Wii Speak Channel was downloaded from Nintendo so its origional.
The Wii Speak worked fine before now but has just stopped working with Animal Crossing for some reason.

If anyone has some ideas please let me know .....