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Thread: Can't transfer SSB:Brawl saved game data to sd card (vice versa)

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    Post Can't transfer SSB:Brawl saved game data to sd card (vice versa)

    Well. I downloaded a SSB saved game from
    I put everything in the right folder and all. (I know it hasn't to do with my problem.)
    I was going to copy the downloaded save file over to my wii, but it didn't work because the game is a wifi game! So.. The only solution is to hack. And I wonder if there is any hack to transfer saved games?

    I would appreciate your help!



    EDIT: I use wii version 4.2E -.- If you can, please tell me how to downgrade to like 3.x so I can start playing wii ware games for free. (If it even works)
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    You should be able to install the WAD files using WAD Manger to get Wii Ware games installed on your wii. You shouldn't need to downgrade. I'm on 4.2U and I have already installed 5 or 6.
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    Triiforce MRC User Guide - How to Load Wii Ware from a USB Drive or SD Card

    Stomp_442's guide: How to install Hermes cIOS 202, 222, 223 and 224

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    That's what I can't do! It says ticket error blah blah... The wads needs a ticket I think. CIOSFIX.wad soesn't work neither cuz it has the same error..

    But first of all, I need help to transfer the SSB saved games to the wii memory.
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    try using savegame manager to copy the save over....

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    Ok. I'll try. I'll tell/thank you if it works.

    EDIT: It didn't work. Only a blackscreen came up and my wiimote got out of sync.
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