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Thread: updated to 4.2E, now confused to fixing it via the sd hack?

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    updated to 4.2E, now confused to fixing it via the sd hack?

    Always seems that the more I read the more confusing some things get. Which is'nt helped by looking for answers on several sites that dont carry quite the same info on this matter and you tube lol. So deciding to stick here in the hope of a solution or clarification at least lol.

    Right tried to soft hack the gf's wii yesterday morning using the sd card trick, originally a 3.3e but could'nt get anything to load from the memory card. Against my better judgement used the wii to update the firmware to what I did'nt really know was 4.2e.

    Now I of cause read (after the crime was done so to speak lol) that it was'nt a good move, but also that it stops a lot of things working on it. But at the same time read conflicting info in various places that it's not a problem any more as such. But each place I've looked (we are talking sever hours on various site here btw not just 5 mins in total) seems to have slightly conflicting info and suggestions on the 4.2 issue.

    I have managed to put the Homebrew Channel on via the sd card after upgrading to 4.2e, so hope i do have options from here?.

    Something that I guess would help is if it were possable to downgrade the firmware back to ut's original 3.3e. Is this even possable or a wise thing to try?.

    Also the main thing I was intending to do is to allow the playing of other emulated consoles on the wii (via either sd card or dvd-r) and backups, backups being the main reason why I started to try soft hacking it yesterday morning.

    Sorry for the long post, but can it be fixed, downgraded or anything done from here as the Homebrew channel is currently on it?

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