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    Question Error has occurred

    Greetings all,

    Here is the issue I am having. I just installed Drive Key Version 3.0. Installation was relatively smooth. Turned on the system and could access the config menu and checked settings to be sure it was using the recommended ones and it is. I am running version 3.4u on my wii. Original games load and play just fine. However when using backups burnt on Maxell dvd-r, burnt using imgburn at 4,2.4, or even 2x speed I receive the black screen with the message an error has occurred and to press eject (which does not eject the disc - I need to power off and then eject the disc - hitting the button twice). Since it isn't a cannot read disc error message but a message that an error has occurred I am assuming the drive key is installed correctly. I am going to try the verbatim disc later today but was wondering if anyone has any additional solutions in the event that it doesn't make a difference. Is it possible the 3.4u (system menu or fw) the one in the top right corner of the screen when you check system settings could be the problem and if so what is recommended? Is it possible to upgrade firmware without having the homebrew channel? I would even rent the appropriate game just get it done quickly without having to do any softmods. My system is NTSC and the drive key region is set correctly. The wii has the silver cable but since I read original games I would think that it isn't a communication error through the cable. I have tried Pal versions of games as well as NTSC versions of games with no luck.
    Thank you in advance and I hope this makes sense.


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    I'm having the same problem, but I checked the ribbon cable that the DriveKey came with and the little wires at the end are all screwed up and bent, thus causing the drive to respond sporadically. I check to see if it was just my drive, so I plugged the original wire back in... nope. it's the messed up wire. check it.

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    im running 3.4u with a drivekey and havnt had any problems so i dont think it will be that. Make sure chip is insulated and covered and check ribbon cable ive read on here that the silver cable can have probs with the drivekey otherwise got no idea

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    So I tried the Verbatim and it didn't matter. I do now have 1 game that works and that is Billy the Wizard Rocket Broomstick Racing. The one's that I've tried that don't work are Medieval Games, Baseball Blast, Toy Story Mania (Pal), Cars Race O Rama. So I tried upgrading to firmware 4.1 and the results were the same. Downgraded to firmware 3.2u and results are still the same. So current setup is 3.2u and Billy the Wizard is still the only working game. Cars wanted to do a system update so I turned the system off as I didn't want to update again. I have since patched it using WIU 1.1 brick blocker but won't get a chance to try it until later today. Also since I did get one game to work that should rule out a problem with the silver cable or the Drive Key correct?? Another thought that I have is since the Billy the Wizard game is two years old it would make sense that it runs on 3.2u without update. If my wii was updated via a disc before I put in the Drive Key would that affect it? For example system was originally 3.2u and game disc did update to 3.4u. I noticed using WIU 1.1 that all the games I tried had an update show up in red except for Billy The Wizard. Any thoughts/opinions on that??

    I was also thinking of turning off the wii key and trying softmod to see if the copies I have would work. Has anyone tried that??
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    So here's what I've come up with so far. I can play older games that don't require anything above 3.2. (two that i've tried are working) I tried Cars and did the update from the disc which put me up to 3.4u again and then the Cars game produces the error. So what do I need to do to make the newer games work? Since it doesn't appear to be a problem with the drive key or the cable it has to something else. I thought doing the update from the cars game would work as I thought that was ok, apparently it's not enough...thoughts suggestions??

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    biggun, wish i could be more of HELP but im over it...i have a headache..none of this crap works unless ur a total modder guru that can trouble shoot everything..i suck thats why i got the chip and that dam thing dont work either..

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    Well out of desparation and hoping to get the newer games to work I updated to 4.2. Unfortunately no difference. I can play older games but not the newer ones...frustrating indeed, 10 coasters, and lots of lost sleep. I am glad the older games work though. Any ideas for the newer ones???


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    had problems with drivekey not playing any backs or originals either... got to looking at the ribbon and it had a dig in it.. so i got a 2nd ribbon shipped to me and tried that.. nothing... i put the drivekey under celestron 150x digital microscope and found some of the pins where the ribbon snaps in were not clean they actually were touching almost looked as if it had had solder dripped on it.. so i took a razor and cleaned in between each one.. looked at it again under microscope and none were touching so i tear the wii apart again clip in the drivekey and and presto wii resort starts spinning up... Yay it works now... i cant get it to pull up the menu like it should but it plays disc

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    I can play older games but nothing newer than the last 6-8 months. Other than that it works just fine. Anybody have any other thought or suggestions given that even with the 4.2 update (thought that may at least enable the newer games) nothing has actually changed other than not being able to play out of region games - not that it matters at this point.

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    Well here is the latest update. I rented two games tiger woods 2010 and cars race o rama and tried to play them with the drive key installed. Big surprise the original games didn't work. Removed Drive Key and the games work just fine. Getting in contact with vendor to see about returning it...don't understand the problem just know that it exists.

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