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Thread: Ripping wii games

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    Ripping wii games

    what is the best way to make backups that i can play on the backup channel by ripping them off the real game disc? Also, what disc should i burn the iso files on after?

    help would be greatly appreciated

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    there are programs that allow you to rip the original dvd from your wii directly to a usb drive or hard disk, that's the best way i guess, they all worked for me and i have tried about 10 or so.

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    You can use a USB Loader (from the Wii itself) to rip the games to the USB HDD then you can just pull said game off the USB HDD to your computer. As far as burning them goes, any good media [verbatim or ritek discs] are the way to go, also make sure they are -Rs [i've heard +R's work but i never had luck with them] and burn them as slowly as possible [1x preferrable 2x, 2.4x & 4x will work too]


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