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Thread: wii wont work anymore!

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    wii wont work anymore!

    right well modded a friends kids wii yesterday games worked fine, i got them harry potter and the half blood prince he said it worked for a few seconds asked to plug in nun chuck and then froze, now nothing will work. its on 3.3e i used bannerbomb to mod it, i tried installing neo gamma and gamma channels but still nothing-what do i do? help please!

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    "nothing will work "--- black screen ? or frozen screen ?
    re-sync the wiimotes ... what happen ?
    with hbc, may be try the disc with GEcko...what happens ?
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    sorry when i say nothing will work i can still access hbc and go to load back up on back-up launcher wont work at all on neogamma says dvd error 574
    re syn all is the same
    sorry what is GEcko?

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    also no other back-ups will work that did yesterday

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    Perhaps the harry potter game wasnt properly brick blocked. Does the console still play original Wii game discs?

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    right well ive been reading and thinking and reading more, looked at error guide and it said needs new revs, i remember having to run neogamma 6 and rev 14 for wii sports nresort so i did them and i have it working now! dont no why but hey its working!


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