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Thread: v4.2e help

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    v4.2e help

    please dont be annoyed at me i am new to this i have hacked 3 other wiis befor this one with no problems but i am stuck on this one, i pushed the wrong button when trying to hack the last wii and after trying different things for 2 days my head hurts, as of today i have version 4.2e installed on the wii and the homebrew channel installed but tring all the differnet ways to downgrade to get it to play backed up games i am stuck so i have come to this site i have tried removing the iso 249 stub but failed so i would appriciate some help from someone who knows what they are doing insted of people who think they know what they are doing i have paid to go on sites in the past and dont mind donating if i can be helped by someone going through the process with me, thanks in advance

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    if you donate then you can pm the mods, im sure one of them will be able to help you...

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    For what I know after softmodding my 4.2E brand new Wii, all you have to do is get Any Title Deleter (AnyTitle Deleter - WiiBrew) (mods remove the link if not allowed).
    Then use it to remove the IOS249 stub.
    I did this on my console and it worked well.
    Also there is no need to downgrade.


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