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Thread: Retail games and auto updating

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    Exclamation Retail games and auto updating

    As the New Super Mario bros. game is set to release soon, and me having a softmodded wii, i was wondering if purchasing a new game will cause a problem for me.

    I haven't bought a game since Guitar Hero: World Tour, which was a while back and didn't ask for me to update my wii.

    Will i need to download and wait for a new cIOSCORP to be released even if i have the retail disc?

    I heard using Gecko (which i currently do use) to launch the game will skip the auto updating required, is this true? i know things may change as this is new and Nintendo may have a fix.

    If worse comes to worst i can always bite the bullet and simply say goodbye to my softmodded wii by updating. Pretty sure i will be buying the retail game regardless

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    you can use preloader or startpatch to block disc updates, best wait until the game is released and check back here to find out what needs to be done to get it to work...

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    Retail disk is good.Always have wiiscrubber on hand.If your going to go usb or burn back to disk.We dont know what your firmware is on your wii.To us it might not be an update but to you it could be.Always list what your Firmware is and we will be able to help better.

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    If it does need a new ios, wait for dop-ios to get an update and you wont have to update. You will be able to install all IOS for that game.


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