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Thread: GC backup loader plays games but freezes

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    Question GC backup loader plays games but freezes

    Hey everybody. I've been having trouble loading GC games. I can always load the game but in the game where it has to load on some games it freezes. I have a few of them which have freezed in the exact same spots everytime and another one which freezes randomly in gameplay. The games are different regions but I don't think this makes a difference as I can get in game. People have told me to different GC loaders but they all do the same thing and also the settings of the backup loader of 'patching with MIOS','force pal60' they haven't worked for me. Nobody else seems to have a problem with this. I am 100% the isos I got worked because other people haven't been having trouble.

    Anybody know a fix? Help is appreciated.

    Note: I have a PAL wii and games NTSC
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    Not all games will load with a softmod hence why a modchip is also recommended in these cases.


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