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Thread: Gamecube Backups on D3-2?

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    Gamecube Backups on D3-2?

    I've been searching for the answer to this all night, and I'm still confused.

    If I softmod a Wii with a D3-2 drive, can I play gamecube backups from a burned DVD?

    Is the drive type irrelevant because its a softmod?


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    This pic may help.

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    Thanks for that Favs. I better look into getting a drive emulator so.

    I'm looking at the flatmii and the wode.
    Does the flatmii have any disadvantages other than that you must have it connected to a pc?
    Would the flatmii be affected by updates from nintendo?

    I'd rather the flatmii if it does everything the wode does, I have a pc running 24/7 anyway so I could use that.

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    I personally think the WODE will **** all over the Flatmii but the choice is yours.


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