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Thread: pokemon battle revolution hacks HELP

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    Unhappy pokemon battle revolution hacks HELP

    i dont have a nintendo ds, and it sucks...

    i want to be able to make own custom passes and unlock all the pokemons without a ds. is there anyway to do this? i want to be able to play with friends and make custom teams.

    WITHOUT A DS!!!!!!!!

    this game is like pokemon stadium from a long time ago, except u have to get your pokemons from your diamond or pearl. that is stupid... you should be able to make your own team and get plenty of pokemons......

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    isnt there a stage that you get to borrow a rental card and when you beat everyone you get to keep that rental card that you borrowed and then switch up the pokemon
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    You need to borrow a DS with a copy of pokemon and an AR and make some legals in pokesav. It takes alot of work to make a legal pokemon though.


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