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Thread: USB Mic doesnt register...

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    USB Mic doesnt register...

    I just finished modding my wii, and everything works except my mic on GHWT. I have my external HD plugged in bottom slot, and mic plugged in top slot. I cant switch slots because usb loader will not recognize HD. I cant play the game from disc because all my games are loaded to HD, see the dilemma? If anybody can link me a tutorial or just give me a simple answer, please do.

    I imagine I need to use HBC then cios222 installer then ??? right? Thanks in advance.

    I dont have internet access with wii, so the tutorial on "Rock Band instruments don't work" does not apply.

    I am a 4.2U wii.

    NEVERMIND....If anybody is having this problem, just go to game settings on USB loader, and go to load, then choose IOS 222 instead of 249.
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