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Thread: help on Wii +Wiikey2

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    help on Wii +Wiikey2

    Hey guys...

    I need some advice for this. i just got a Wii set with wiikey2 installed. The problem here is i was told i can only play the game from USB loader through WBFS Manager and nothing else.. not the disc channel or Gecko OS or whatever..

    Wonder if this is true.. the seller even told me that i need to use "seagate" or those more regonise harddisk so that i can play normally. When i got the set, i try playing with a hitachi harddisk, it create exception error when loading the game. The reason i got is that the "lousier" harddisk will create exception error.. ... is this some crap?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Just to add... it is running on 4.0U. Dont know how to check other configuration..

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    Ok what you should do is lift up the plate that covers the gamecube controller/memory card slot and see if there are signs of the screws being tampered with. EX) stratches or stripped screw or something. If there is you should get a backup and pop it in to test to see if the disc channel can recognize it. Cause if you have a wiikey2 that shouldnt be a problem. From the sound of what you posted it seems as though the guy ripped you off and softmodded your wii instead of hard modding it.
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    Thanks for the info. I have returned the consol back to the seller to fix the reading exception error stated above.

    So am i right to say that wiikey2 can play and boot game directly from original / backup and not just playing on USB alone. So if i got the set back, it must be able to run directly from both DVD and USB mode.

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    sounds like you should mod it yourself. Or watch him put the wiikey in. He could cioscorp it to make you happy, but still no chip and no cost to him. If your wii is going to be softmodded your going to want to know how it was done.
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