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Thread: Forcing NTSC help please

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    Forcing NTSC help please

    Hi, although I am a bit new to this, I thought I could solve this myself, but I could not. So I'm calling out for help.

    I have an NTSC wii, with cios 249 rev. 14 and play my games using USB loaders
    In the past I was able to play PAL games by using "Force NTSC" on either Coverfloader or Configurable USB loader.
    Today I had 3 new PAL games: Wii Play, Wii Fit Plus, and Twilight Princess. When I load them without forcing anything, I get the (expected) game to load, but in black and running up and down.
    The issue is that when I force NTSC, the game freezes on a Green screen. All of them.
    The other PAL games still work.
    Anyone know how to fix this? Is it a wierd coincidence that 3 games in one day don't work or is something up with my system?


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    Nothing is wrong with your system. Some games just cant be forced to a different region, instead give the green screen. Just so you know, you can get all those games in ntsc, so just go that route. I had that problem happen to me. There are some pal games that never came to ntsc so i downloaded them. I used neogamma to force ntsc only to get the green screen freeze. The green screen freeze also occurs on games that give the error002 but are actually the error002B. If you were to patch those games, they too would give the green screen freeze. Just simply get those games in ntsc and youll be good to go.
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