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Thread: 500gb Hdd, How much should I format as WBFS?

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    Talking 500gb Hdd, How much should I format as WBFS?

    Hi all
    Thank you all for your help so far in getting me started and building my knoweldge of wii hacking.
    I am shortly going to buy a western digital 500gb hdd (seems to be the most desirable choice) so I can play my games off.
    I would like to store the zipped up version of the game on one partition and the game itself to play via the USB loader GX on the primary partition. I would just like to know what ball park sizes should I make both the WBFS and the FAT32 partitions from the 500gb to inable me to manage what I would like?
    Thank you all for your suggestions

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    If you want to know the answer take an iso and zip it up. Then take the size of the zip in bytes and divide by the size of the iso in bytes
    (zip bytes/iso bytes)
    This will give you the ratio you need. You should do it with a few different iso's, then average out the ratio for best results.
    If you want to access the fat32 partition from the wii it needs to be the first partition (I think)

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    Why would you need a zipped image AND a WBFS image?

    You do know you can just rip the iso back from your WBFS image yeah?

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    Thank you both for your quick replies.
    I didn't know but was hoping that would be the case GGXena. When i researched into it everyone was saying they had their hdd's with 2 partitions. One for WBFS and one as FAT32 for all their iso's. I persumed it must have been for game iso's, since this is one thing that i can imagine would eat up the hdd on the pc. So i might as well just format the lot WBFS then, what do you think? all my files for the wii are either on the sd card in the wii or backed up on my pc. But im not bothered about keeping them on the pc and losing a couple of gig off the pc harddrive.

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    I have 2 partitions, 1 for games and the other for movies
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    I have a 500gb HDD, and I think it's too small.

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    I have a 400GB WBFS primary partition for Wii ISOs and a secondary 100GB partition for my GC ISOs.

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    Good luck in filling that size HD. I struggled to fill 100 Gb with good games. Hell I could free up 50 Gb right now if the Mrs didn't like her cooking games!


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    Was your post reffering to mine because I've got over 100GBs of GOOD Wii games and about 30GBs of good GC games.

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    Just keep in mind that the FAT32 File system suppports file sizes up to 4GB Most Wii iso's I have seen, I am very new on this wii scene, are 4.3GB So if you copy that to the FAT32 partition it will tell you the disk is full. I think rather format the patition on NTFS.

    Its just a thought.


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