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Thread: IOS53 Question

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    IOS53 Question

    So, I recently came across a collection of injected WADs and the message on the thread {} says: "These WADs will only work if IOS53, IOS9 & IOS21 (the last two should already be on your Wii by default) is installed, otherwise a black screen will just load."

    I think that I may have installed IOS53 in the past before, but I forget which ones I have installed. This brings me to my question. Firstly, is there anyway to see if I have it installed yet, should I try to install IOS53 and it turns out I already have it, will there be any consequences to my Wii?

    Any help would be <b>greatly</b> appreciated.

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    best thing to do would be to get NUS Downloader, and install the latest version of whichever IOS files you need.


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