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Thread: n00b question regarding softmod

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    n00b question regarding softmod

    First of all, I am a new member, but have been lurking unregistered for a couple weeks now.

    Okay, I was one of the few losers that paid for a softmod...I know . Well the guy that did it botched it, not once but twice now. First time it would not load to Wii screen, I had to manually load it (the screen always said hacks.ini could not be found) and it froze constantly and I had to hard reset it. Okay then the second time, he got it to load to wii menu, but it still froze UNLESS I pulled the sd card before I loaded USB loader GX, then reinserted the sd card and loaded the sd card. I had to do this for every game on my external HD, which sucks.

    Anyways I decided to come on this forum and try to redo this process my self. I reformatted and I succeded at reinstalling homebrew, but the original screen appears that says the hacks.ini error. Sooo, I want to "wipe" it clean, where it looks, loads, and plays like new, then i want to softmod it myself.

    How do I wipe it clean basically. I think there is something called Nand Cleaner??? Not quite sure...

    A little info on my wii first 4 serial #'s are - LU59 and menu screen states Ver. 4.2U. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Yeh I just found that button is god. lol. thanks.

    EDIT Format basically does that function. It still says "couldnt find "hacks.ini" neither on FAT nor on NAND" I am trying to get rid of the screen that says this :

    Homebrew Channel
    Installed File

    Load/Install File
    Systemmenu Hacks

    IOS v70
    Systemmenu v481 preloader v0.29

    Im guessing this is just called "preloader"?

    I know I can bypass this by selecting settings, and selecting autoboot systemmenu but I dont want to see this screen. Any help? Should I just keep preloader, I have read it can help save your wii.
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