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Thread: Complete noob. Advice needed.

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    Complete noob. Advice needed.

    Hi all.

    I recently bought a chiped wii. I don't have a clue as to what chip it has as it's prechipped. I havn't opened it yet to find out. Am a bit nervous about doing so.

    Problem is, it won't play some backups. In particular, vrecent games like fifa 10. It plays the origional ok. Plays over 60 backups I've burned but not these newer games.

    I came over here on advice from a friend who advised that I softmod the wii and install neo gamma or something like that.

    Thought the whole lot would be an easy job. An afternoons worth of work. Since I got here, I'm not so sure.

    Can anyone advise a starting point and "the way to go"? I have been browsing some of the tut's here but to be honest, I'm struggling.

    My ideal goal is...

    To get it playing more backups and even to get it playing movies, if possible. ( was told the wii can be used as a media player with home brew )

    Thnx in advance and sorry for being such a noob on the whole subject.

    Edit: Just to add, when I say it won't play recent game backups, I mean I get the black screen of death after pressing start from within the disk channel. It just locks up with a black screen and needs to be switched off at the mains to recover. Examples of games that do this are fifa 10 and sonic and the dark knight.
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