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Thread: wii 4.2 update

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    wii 4.2 update

    Hi my farther-in-law has got their wii softmodded with homebrew and is currently 4.1.when we try and play games it comes up asking if we want to update to 4.2,im guessing this is due to it having wifi on.Can i just click no and still be able to play the games??Also whats the best way to get gh5 and beatles working? complete newbie.

    Thanks in advance

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    first off make sure WiiConnect24 is OFF, secondly you have to make sure the disc is scrubbed [scrubbing implies that your taking the system menu updates off the disc], you also have to make sure that certain IOS's are installed to play certain games [search the forums for IOS list] as far as GH5, there are numerous posts on these very forums to get it working [there is an alt.dol that you have to use to get it to work.

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    Say NO to the 4.2 update and any update from disks.


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