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Thread: Smackdown vs Raw 2010 locks up

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    Smackdown vs Raw 2010 locks up

    I know there is probably a easy answer but since I am still a noob at this I am gonna ask for advise.
    I followed the 4.2 menu hack guide and I am using USB loader GX.
    which works great for some games..
    But with smackdown vs raw 2010 it locks at the exact same spot in Road to Wrestlemania in the royale Rumble match almost done it and bang weird noise and then everything stops.. can't move can't do anything.. anyone got any advise on this issue or any help??? All the IOS's I have loaded are from the guide.

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    I'm having trouble too, I'm on Wii menu 4.2E, Cios 249 rev 14 and I have USB Loader GX and Wii Flow installed but I can't get past the loading screen.

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    My cousin has the same problem on his wii, no one have a solution yet?

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    Yep. Same problem. Used the 4.2 softmod hack, and no luck with this or a few other games, including:

    Pop'n Music (J)
    One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 3 (J)
    Taiko Drum Master (J)
    Tatsunoku vs. Capcom (J)

    All of them either freeze at the loading screen, or in the case of One Piece, completely at random.

    It's really frustrating, because so many other games work so well. Odd that it happens with mostly Japanese games.

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    Question Me 2!

    My Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 is freezing on the 'Do not try this at home' () screen. We waited for two days (not sure why) for this game to load. This sucks - plz help! (I am very new ) Thanks!!

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    smackdown vs raw

    i am so annoyed but the best thing is to download a file called wadmanager and a file called backup launcher with 002 fix wad this is of course if your wii is 4.1 or lower make a folder called wad and put wad manager on it and put the 002 fix file on a file called apps put them on an empty sd i dont know the order upload this to your homebrew


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