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Thread: Why does my computer read more space on my SD card that the HOMEBREW CHANNEL

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    Why does my computer read more space on my SD card that the HOMEBREW CHANNEL

    I love the advice everyone game on here how to hack my wii and homebrew channel and all. But I got one issue. I downloaded a couple of emulators and put a lot of roms on my 8 gig memory card.

    Not a problem . Howerver , when I go on homebrew channel , its only reaging like 1400 megs of space left on it.. I decided to put the sd card in my computer ot confirm this, being that nes, and master systme games dont take up too much space and neither do SNES roms.

    On my computer it states I have 5.1 gigs of free space remaining on the SD card. Ok Im not good at math and all, but if 1024 megs= a gig, shouldnt I ahve moe downloading information for my sd card?

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    The homebrew channel probably can not read the info on your card correctly. Try to fill it up with apps and see if it still works.

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    Its getting lower and lower. I loaded up a few apps and games on it and it went down even lower... I have no idea why its going down so fast and yes CPU is still reading 4.6 G of free space left . Are those applications on Homebrew taking up more than advertised?

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    I've had many problems with an 8GB SDHC card, and it was name brand, Toshiba...I gave up, I formatted it so many times just to end up with it not working properly, I'm now back to a 2GB for wii stuff...I wanted it for movies and roms and such, but homebrew is just not that great with SDHC, stick with 2GB or better, or put them on a USB drive


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