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Thread: help, need advice

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    help, need advice

    i did my wii with softmod for dummies v4.1, my wii is 3.3e i think. on a few games i get error2, tried a 002fix gamma loader but still the same. the fix channel comes with cios fix and ios16-64-v257-prod. my wii has i think iso 38 cios r14, do i over write these with the gamma loader ones. also read about backing up nands, tried to install bootmii but only let me install as iso, with what ive read this can be risky. any other way. ive also downloaded safe update 4.1 and 4.2 is it worth updating or should i leave it the way it is. following other tuts ive downloaded 'cfg.1.9xpal' as told if semi brick wii it can help, also got 'wiikey 1.9.s pal update' do i need this and should install. do i need preloader, truchc bug restorer and how do i get into nintendos built in recovery menu followed tuts but nothing. is there anything else i should be reading or looking at or installing on the wii that would be helpful. theres that much stuff i dont know what i need or doing. thanks to all that help.

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    you can try doing this first if you want to start from scratch, and then [depending on your system menu, and you have no need to go to 4.2] or this for 4.2

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