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Thread: need serious help

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    need serious help

    Hello ...
    I'm just writing on the site, I take this opportunity to greet and thank all those with whom I have already had occasion to speak.
    Mine is a problem that I would find a solution, or at least understand what is happening.
    I try to explain clearly, since the site I read post from people who seem to me capable.

    I am the happy owner of a wii for almost a month.
    The evening that I bought it , I spent two hours looking for ways and things to install to play with the backups of the game.
    The firmware is 4.2E ...
    In the end, without even much effort, I managed to uninstall the ios, install the 'homebrew channel and neogama v3 R8 (I seems to be written like this) (sorry if I'm wrong some time, are still impractical).

    So far so good, except for some flaws inside homebrew channel ... I could not start the bootmii ... it crash… The games turned good from disk, etc etc ...

    Last week (idiot) I have updated the wiishop ... (note ... I just updated wiishop, because otherwise I did not even go there, not the console)

    from that moment the neogama doesen’t loaded backup disks ...when launching the game, I finished in a black screen, from which there was no exit ... so much bitterness in my thumb in those four seconds on the power button ...
    (Remember, I am not very practical)
    ... at that point I decided to format the wii and start all over again. except that any operation trying to do to reinstall the programs I ended up (after a request to initiate the boot.elf, and that the disclaimer when you press 1) in a screen that said exactly this:

    hackmii installer v 0.6 (c) 2008, 2009 Team Twiizeers

    this installer can NOT continue (NOT is in red)

    there is no known vulnerable ios installed on this wii
    please note that we will not use a fakesigned ios due to security reasons

    look for an update version at:

    if this is already the latest version... well, suck it

    Now ... I've tried every method and any suggestions ... I just can not understand what's happening ...
    I do not go beyond the block that first screen shown below ...
    What can I do?
    some of you can help me or explain to me what can I do?

    ... thank you in advance for your attention ...
    …sorry for my bad English…
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    do you have cIOSCORP installed?


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