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Thread: very basic question - which copy software?

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    very basic question - which copy software?

    hi, sorry if this has been covered before - first post so please excuse!
    I have downloaded two sets of paid for links to unlock my wii - both of these were no good and then I found your brilliant forum - wish i had found this before i wasted my money.
    Anyway, i think i have unlocked the console although i cant get parts of the unlock process to work, now i need to make backup discs to try
    I have downloaded imgburn and a couple of other copying software progs but non are seeing the wii disc in the cd drive.
    Nero just locks up totally and dies if i ask it to look at the wii disc (ratatouille)
    I have bought a burner off ebay that the seller says he used to back up wii discs but need to find a software that will do the job
    any help appreciated

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    using your PC to copy wii original discs is not the best way anymore, Very few drives work with this method, and you cant use any mainstream software, you would need rawdump and a VERY long time to spare!

    the easiest way to try a backup would be either to download one (try something like tehPARADOX.COM Online Sharing Community) Or to grab a USB harddrive for your wii and rip your games with USB loader GX or CFG USB loader directly from the Wii to the USB. This way takes around 20 minutes for an average game, and can be transferred back to your PC for burning if you need to.

    You can also dump to a USB pen drive or SD card.

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