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Thread: cant copy games or play original game

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    cant copy games or play original game


    hi i have wii version 4.1 u. modded.... i just bought city sports and i want to copy the game so i dont ruin the original game, but when i put the original cd in the wii, it tells me that i have to update the wii inorder to play the origianal game and when i try to play the copy game via my external hard drive, it wont let me......any body know what i can do.

    p.s. all my other games that i have on my external hard drive are still playable

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    if its asking for an update, then you have missing or outdated IOS's files. check the list here: to see if your game is listed, and for instructions on how to find out which IOS the game uses.

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    Can I load the iso file the same way when first modded the wii or do I have to install wii scrubber and follow the steps on the link you showed


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