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Thread: Load iso games, wad files, movies off one hard drive

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    Talking Format usb hard drive to load iso games, wad files, movies

    I did not find this listed in the forums so here is what I did to get everything working off the same hard drive properly.

    I am using a WD passport 320gb drive I got from target for 70 bucks.

    My Wii is v4.2U using a softmod posted here by messie.

    I used wad manager 1.4 and mplayer ce 0.75.

    I am running windows xp pro.
    First I cut the drive in half creating two partitions. You can do this with this free program called swiss knife. Or just right click my computer and choose manage and then disk management.

    I made both partitions primary and in NTFS because it wont let me do FAT 32. You want to make the drives FAT 32. You can use swiss knife or you can use a program called GUI format to format both partitions FAT 32. Dont use a command line to format the partitions because when its done it will say the partition is too big and not work.

    On the first partition I formated it with WBFS manager. This partition is for ISO games only.

    The second partiton I put in my Wii Ware WAD files and a folder for movies. The WAD manager ignores the WBFS partition and goes right to the second partiton with your WAD files. Be sure to load it with USB 2.0 and plug in your hard drive to the bottom usb port.

    The movies are also found easily in Files menu of mplayer ce.

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Thought I would share because this worked great for me!
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