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Thread: usb loader gx problem

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    usb loader gx problem

    having problem with usb loader gx crashing constantly so I upgraded it to rev 815 no luck. Problem started when I added games to hard drive using wbfs ver 3.0.1 x64 using windows 7 (this is the first time adding games with new laptop).

    cios38 rev 14

    Any help is appreciated
    And yes, I have read and read and read.

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    If I load a game before it crashes, the game plays just fine

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    Problem solved, I had 264 3D covers on the sd card and once I deleted them, no more crashing, must be a memory thing.


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    I had a simillar problem with Reel Angler.. with no covers no problem.. When I added the covers for it no more code dumps from usbloader gx.


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