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Thread: Does this make sense??

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    Does this make sense??

    Right, I hope Iīm not repeating anyone here, and Iīm sorry if i am but i am SO confused I would be really grateful if someone could help me. It might not be as complicated as it seems to me, but this is the story.
    I bought a Wii console from the UK. It is now here in Argentina, and the family here have bought a Wii Fit board and various american games. I connected the Wii to the internet, just because i could, i didnīt update or anything that is it. Then, the family took the Wii to get it chipped, i donīt know with what exactly (SORRY!).
    Now, the problem we have is that although copied games are fine, US region games will not work on the UK console. They seem to believe that when i connected the Wii to the internet, i somehow (in their words) "activated the PAL settings" and so have now prevented the Wii from ever being chipped to be able to use any region games. That, although I admittedly know nothing about Wiis, to me doesnīt make sense. So they are now annoyed because they are going to have to get PAL games, which are very hard to come by here.
    Is there anything I can do?? A restore factory settings magic button I can press? Also, from what Iīve read I think itīs ok, but there is no danger that having the Wii chipped and connected to the internet will some how get it banned?
    Many thanks for any help in advance!

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    I can answer one part PAL game torrents are much easier to find than NTSC

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    When you connected to the internet, you definitly did not update, did you?

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    preloader would help here (if you've got it installed) - from dogeggs guide;

    Select 'system hacks' in the Preloader menu, and enable the hacks that you want - 'skip disc update check' and the region free ones are all you need. Select 'save settings' and wait for confirmation message to display 'settings saved'. Press B to go back, and enter Settings. Set 'Autoboot: System Menu' using D-Pad, then select save settings. Press B to return to main Preloader menu.
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